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     Snake Oil Salesmen are trio out of Southern California that formed in the summer of 2012. Their musical genres range from punk rock, classic rock, blues, bluegrass and everything in between. They often identify as Americana.

     Clay Coughlin is the singer/songwriter and guitarist of the group.  He is also a multi-instrumentalist providing their album with piano/keys, banjo, mandolin, lap steel guitar, harmonica, Native American flute and clarinet. He is a huge fan of Classic Country and The Beatles.

     Tristan Cole-Falek is the upright bassist of the group. He is an accomplished bassist in the so-cal area having played with Phil Alvin, The Blasters, Eddie Nichols and The Chop Tops. Aside from being a prolific musician he is also a master luthier, having built both his bass and Clay's signature guitar.


     Nick Colliflower is the drummer of the group. He met Tristan while playing for Three Bad Jacks. Nick's early influences include heavy metal and punk rock which show up in his voracious drumming style. Born and raised in Huntington Beach he embodies the spirit of California. His passions include surfing, skateboarding and demolishing breakfast burritos.

     Together they make up: SNAKE OIL SALESMEN. They took over three years to record and produce their debut album. They funded and produced the entire projects themselves, meticulously working until the final deadline to produce a truly original record. So whether you get a copy of your own to enjoy or you catch one of their electric live performances you are sure to have a good time with these guys. It's what they do best!


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